Boston Bucket List

I’m on exchange here at Northeastern University, and here’s my bucket list of things to do in Boston over the next four months!

  • Do the Freedom Trail
  • Have Boston cream pies at the place where they were first made, the Omni Parker House.
  • Catch a Boston Red Sox Game. DONE! Saw them lose to the Toronto Blue Jays (10-4). Also, University students get $9 discounted tickets.
  • See the USS Constitution. Partially done. I saw her cannon fire a shot at sunset on the 5th of September 2017. Completely done. Went aboard her, and saw her in all her glory. Also went to the USS Constitution Museum
  • See the Bunker Hill Monument.
  • Catch a Boston Bruins game.
  • Catch a Boston Celtics game DONE! Celtics lost to the Detroit Pistons 108-118.
  • Catch a New England Patriots game.
  • Go see Shear Madness
  • Visit the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
  • See the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra perform Saw the Boston Pops perform for christmas. Their version of the twelve days of Christmas is simply amazing.
  • Go kayaking on the Charles River. The season for that has passed (sort of). So that’s one thing that won’t happen
  • Check out Fort Independence.

I’ll keep adding stuff to this list as more things occur to me! If I’m missing anything, let me know via Twitter or Facebook (links at the bottom of the page).

UPDATE: Yeah, didn’t do quite a few of these. I’ll be back someday to check these off, though!